Why Wooden Flooring is Becoming Popular in Swansea

There are several types of wooden flooring that you can choose for your house. In Swansea, people tend to prefer these free most famous types that we’ve listed below:

Laminate is the first and most suitable choice for entry-level flooring in Swansea. It is made of a comprised fiberboard topped off with a layer imitating the aspects of wood, or, in some cases, stone. Laminate is the cheapest option when it comes to wooden flooring, and it is preferred by young people, or those on a budget. Recommended areas for laying laminate are non-humid rooms, including living areas, studies, and offices. In Swansea, you can find the cheapest laminate retailing for around £3 per square meter. However, if you want to level up your game and go for something a bit more qualitative and realistic looking, you’re in for the £20 to £40 price range.

Laminate does have its drawbacks, which affect especially dwellings in humid areas such as Swansea. When exposed to a constantly humid air, it tends to inflate and the joints loosen, leading to an unpleasant sight. They also don’t really feel like actual wooden flooring, no matter how high-quality the image printed on the top is. Conclusion: if you’re living in Swansea, it’s better to opt for a different kind of flooring, to ensure that the humidity doesn’t affect it that much.

Engineered wood flooring is another type that’s extremely popular in Swansea. This type consists of several layers of wood that are glued together to create a thick plank. On top of that, engineered wood flooring has a real wood plank, which offers it a pleasant aspect. Most of these have a tongue and groove construction, which might be a hit or miss, depending on where you plan to lay the flooring. In Swansea, the minimum price for engineered wood flooring is £20, but you can find prices going up to £150 per square meter, if we’re talking about more expensive woods.

Engineered wood flooring is slightly more resistant to humidity, but still not your best bet for bathrooms of kitchens. It will resist the Swansea weather better than laminate, though, and will also offer a more pleasant aspect.

Solid wood flooring is the most luxurious and expensive type of wooden flooring. As the name suggests, each plank is made from one solid piece of timber. This has a number of advantages – the planks can be sanded to your liking to join smoother, they are heavier and look nicer, and sometimes even have a pleasant wooden smell.

The most important drawback of solid wood is the price. Swansea prices for solid wood flooring range from £15 to around £100 for more expensive woods. This is pretty high up there, so few people opt for only wooden flooring in their house. Much like any type of wood, it tends to be affected by humidity, but way less than laminate or engineered flooring. However, you can be sure that solid wood will be able to withstand the humid climate in places like Swansea, so you’ll probably be the most satisfied with it.