Restoring your Hardwood Floor

Restoring your hardwood floor. Is there a better reveal than peeling back old carpet only to discover hidden hardwood flooring? Or perhaps, you’ve already got a hardwood floor. Either way, there’s a tendency to think hardwood floors cost money.

“It’s cheaper just to carpet over the floor.” That couldn’t be more wrong.

Not only is a hardwood floor a beautiful addition to any home. It also can save you a lot of money in the long run. How? Well, that’s what we’re here to discuss.

So, if you’ve got an old hardwood floor: here’s why restoring it may be the best option for your bottom line.

The hardwood floor is already down

There’s a substantial benefit to discovering a hardwood floor. It’s already been laid. No pricey fitting is required. No new materials. The upfront investment cost is wholly unnecessary. In that sense, you’ve saved money from the moment you find the hardwood floor.

Now, it’s just a matter of restoring it to its former glory.

The alternative is to cover it up with carpet or another flooring. That’s pricey, but it also hides one of your property chief assets.

Adds value to the property

Have you heard the old saying: you’ve got to spend money to make money? The logic is simple: by investing in your property, you raise the property value.

That’s no truer than for hardwood floors.

Highly desirable these days, a hardwood floor can raise a room to the next level. It can give your property a more substantial, high-value feel. All it takes is a little investment to get the boards looking as fresh as the day they were laid.

The longer you leave it…

…the worse the damage gets. Restoring your hardwood floor now is the safest option. Over time, under the carpet, the hardwood floor may continue to degrade. Sooner or later – if you’re staying in the property – you’re going to want to fix up the floors. Why not now?

That way, you’ll get to enjoy your hardwood floors while still saving money long-term.

Hardwood floors last

Carpets need to be replaced once every few years. That’s without any stains or expensive carpet cleaning. Hardwood floors, on the other hand, are built to last. When carefully sanded, coated, stained, and refinished, a hardwood floor will last years: decades even.

That’s the ultimate cost-saver.

Not only do you add value to your property, but you also reduce any annual costs. You can simply sit back, relax, and admire your stunning restored hardwood floor.

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Deciding to have a wooden floor installed into your home or business needs to be seen as a long term investment which means that longevity and durability are at the forefront of your mind when you choose us as your Wood Floor Specialists.

The durability and longevity of hardwood flooring is something that WFS pride ourselves on, which is why we use such high-quality products on all of our projects. We are confident in meeting our clients’ specifications and confident that our wood floorings will last.

Day to day wear and tear.

We know that your home is there to be lived in. You will inevitably get the day to day marks, the pitter-patter of tiny feet or paws, and social gathering reminders that mean your wood floor cannot be just for show. Therefore, it needs to be practical, stylish, and, most importantly, durable.

One of the most popular types of flooring that we install here at WFS is an engineered hardwood flooring that can have a lifespan anywhere between 40 and 80 years if kept in good condition. This is one of the only types of wood flooring that has this longevity length and therefore is a sensible choice when looking for flooring that will last.

Adding character to your floor.

It is important to note that although an engineered hardwood floor is long-lasting, it is still liable to dents, scratches and marks from everyday use. We like to think of these marks as adding character to your flooring, but some people may want their floors to stay immaculate, which is not feasible when you’re living with flooring of this nature. However, despite being susceptible to marks, dents and scratches, the wood floorings that we install can be restored and refinished to keep them looking as new as possible, this will increase their longevity.

Good quality hardwood floor.

Durable flooring is important because a floor goes through a lifecycle of being used and being susceptible to other internal factors such as moisture. The benefits of a hardwood floor are the combination of oils and finishes that can be used to make it suitable for many rooms in the house. Some rooms can get damp or humid due to various factors, and by ensuring that a hardwood floor is sealed correctly, the flooring should be able to withstand varying levels of humidity and dampness within the home.

A quality wood floor is not a cheap installation, and here at Wood Floor Specialist, we want to make sure that each customer gets a wood flooring that they are happy with and that will last a long time. By ensuring that a wood floor is installed correctly and finished with the right products with clear guidance on the best way to maintain it, we are confident that the wood flooring you choose to buy from us will last you many years.

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