What looks best with a high-quality wood floor?

What looks best with a high-quality wood floor? You’ve finally invested in a high-quality wood floor. Now that it’s laid, it looks fantastic. Little wonder it’s one of the most popular flooring choices, both for its practicality and attractive finish. Whether your new quality wood floor is in the kitchen, living room, hallway, or bedroom, it’s important to complement this natural material in the surrounding décor.

But how?

Given the bold statement of a wood floor, many homeowners wonder what wall colours, furniture, or accessories they should choose.

Thankfully, with a few design tips and tricks, you can create a room that not only complements but enhances your quality wood floor.

1. Compliment the colours

Different woods are renowned for their distinctive colours. It’s why we love them so much. Birch, beech, and hickory have a light, vibrant hue; cherry and oak are much darker – and then there are the deep shapes of dark wood floors.

Selecting a complementary colour scheme is critical.

Blues and greens can help contrast the wood’s natural yellow and orange tones. Meanwhile, dark wood floors often require contrast with whites and beiges.

If in doubt: pull out a colour wheel.

2. Add a rug to your high-quality wood floor

Soften the bold expanse of wood with an elegant rug. Be careful not to overwhelm the room, however. Try a simple block colour rug if you’ve already got many ornaments and pictures. Alternately, make a statement with a classic Persian rug.

It’ll also protect the underlying floor and help define certain spaces.

3. Mix and match high-quality woods

Matching quality wood floors with furniture can create a feeling of sameness. Instead, contrast different wood tones – stained or polish, light or dark. Feature a diverse array of stains and textures that will give the room a more nuanced look.

Just try to keep the same undertone throughout, like grey or orange.

4. Contrast old and new

Like a new building that combines sleek modern design with classic wooden features – you can do the same in your home. Smooth, hard surfaces work exceptionally well. Think glass, metal, acrylic, and more for your cabinet or table choices.

No frills. No detailing. Just clean lines. It’s an elegant juxtaposition.

5. Layer up textures

Visually, our eyes seek contrasts – both in texture and colour. Decking out your home in wood, wood, and more wood is bland. It also diminishes the stunning finish of a quality wood floor.
Add leather, textiles, patterns, metal, concrete, painted surfaces, and more to balance and lift the room. That could be with furniture or accessories. Even something as simple as a picture frame can make a substantial difference.

6. Go bold

A quality wood floor, like oak, birch, or beech, can act as a neutral undertone to a room. Embrace a bold colour scheme. Colour can bring a room to life, whether it be a dash of yellow seating or a hint of green in your accessories.

Stick to one or two colourful accents; otherwise, you’ll overwhelm the room and the wood floor.

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