What looks best with a high-quality wood floor?

What looks best with a high-quality wood floor? You’ve finally invested in a high-quality wood floor. Now that it’s laid, it looks fantastic. Little wonder it’s one of the most popular flooring choices, both for its practicality and attractive finish. Whether your new quality wood floor is in the kitchen, living room, hallway, or bedroom, it’s important to complement this natural material in the surrounding décor.

But how?

Given the bold statement of a wood floor, many homeowners wonder what wall colours, furniture, or accessories they should choose.

Thankfully, with a few design tips and tricks, you can create a room that not only complements but enhances your quality wood floor.

1. Compliment the colours

Different woods are renowned for their distinctive colours. It’s why we love them so much. Birch, beech, and hickory have a light, vibrant hue; cherry and oak are much darker – and then there are the deep shapes of dark wood floors.

Selecting a complementary colour scheme is critical.

Blues and greens can help contrast the wood’s natural yellow and orange tones. Meanwhile, dark wood floors often require contrast with whites and beiges.

If in doubt: pull out a colour wheel.

2. Add a rug to your high-quality wood floor

Soften the bold expanse of wood with an elegant rug. Be careful not to overwhelm the room, however. Try a simple block colour rug if you’ve already got many ornaments and pictures. Alternately, make a statement with a classic Persian rug.

It’ll also protect the underlying floor and help define certain spaces.

3. Mix and match high-quality woods

Matching quality wood floors with furniture can create a feeling of sameness. Instead, contrast different wood tones – stained or polish, light or dark. Feature a diverse array of stains and textures that will give the room a more nuanced look.

Just try to keep the same undertone throughout, like grey or orange.

4. Contrast old and new

Like a new building that combines sleek modern design with classic wooden features – you can do the same in your home. Smooth, hard surfaces work exceptionally well. Think glass, metal, acrylic, and more for your cabinet or table choices.

No frills. No detailing. Just clean lines. It’s an elegant juxtaposition.

5. Layer up textures

Visually, our eyes seek contrasts – both in texture and colour. Decking out your home in wood, wood, and more wood is bland. It also diminishes the stunning finish of a quality wood floor.
Add leather, textiles, patterns, metal, concrete, painted surfaces, and more to balance and lift the room. That could be with furniture or accessories. Even something as simple as a picture frame can make a substantial difference.

6. Go bold

A quality wood floor, like oak, birch, or beech, can act as a neutral undertone to a room. Embrace a bold colour scheme. Colour can bring a room to life, whether it be a dash of yellow seating or a hint of green in your accessories.

Stick to one or two colourful accents; otherwise, you’ll overwhelm the room and the wood floor.

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Restoring your hardwood floor. Is there a better reveal than peeling back old carpet only to discover hidden hardwood flooring? Or perhaps, you’ve already got a hardwood floor. Either way, there’s a tendency to think hardwood floors cost money.

“It’s cheaper just to carpet over the floor.” That couldn’t be more wrong.

Not only is a hardwood floor a beautiful addition to any home. It also can save you a lot of money in the long run. How? Well, that’s what we’re here to discuss.

So, if you’ve got an old hardwood floor: here’s why restoring it may be the best option for your bottom line.

The hardwood floor is already down

There’s a substantial benefit to discovering a hardwood floor. It’s already been laid. No pricey fitting is required. No new materials. The upfront investment cost is wholly unnecessary. In that sense, you’ve saved money from the moment you find the hardwood floor.

Now, it’s just a matter of restoring it to its former glory.

The alternative is to cover it up with carpet or another flooring. That’s pricey, but it also hides one of your property chief assets.

Adds value to the property

Have you heard the old saying: you’ve got to spend money to make money? The logic is simple: by investing in your property, you raise the property value.

That’s no truer than for hardwood floors.

Highly desirable these days, a hardwood floor can raise a room to the next level. It can give your property a more substantial, high-value feel. All it takes is a little investment to get the boards looking as fresh as the day they were laid.

The longer you leave it…

…the worse the damage gets. Restoring your hardwood floor now is the safest option. Over time, under the carpet, the hardwood floor may continue to degrade. Sooner or later – if you’re staying in the property – you’re going to want to fix up the floors. Why not now?

That way, you’ll get to enjoy your hardwood floors while still saving money long-term.

Hardwood floors last

Carpets need to be replaced once every few years. That’s without any stains or expensive carpet cleaning. Hardwood floors, on the other hand, are built to last. When carefully sanded, coated, stained, and refinished, a hardwood floor will last years: decades even.

That’s the ultimate cost-saver.

Not only do you add value to your property, but you also reduce any annual costs. You can simply sit back, relax, and admire your stunning restored hardwood floor.

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There’s nothing like a good quality hardwood floor to reinvigorate a room. You can buy the finest furniture; invest in the most beautiful ornaments, but without a solid wood floor, it’s incomplete.

Quality wood flooring is the canvas upon which to build your room.

That’s why it’s critical to see a hard wooden floor as an investment. One that lasts for decades to come.

But what can you expect when you invest in quality wood flooring?

Variation in the grain

Hardwood floors are rightfully seen as the finest available. Why? Because each board is unique. No pattern repeats; no texture is symmetrical. There’s nothing like it anywhere in the world.

That may sound jarring. But, with its natural beauty, the variation in grain pattern, colour shifts, and mineral streaks add a warm and lifting quality to any room.

Colour changes

Exposure to light will gradually lighten or darken your hardwood floor over time. That all depends on the species, however. Oak and Maple shift colour slowly, year by year; while Brazilian cherry quickly darkens.

There’s a beauty to the colour change, reflective of the natural seasons. Just be careful not to leave a rug in one place too long, or you’ll find a pale patch amongst a sea of darkened boards.

Expansion and contraction

Wood was once a living material. Based on the humidity of your home, it will therefore absorb or emit moisture. That changes its shape; meaning boards will routinely expand and shrink.

Don’t worry, though.

Installation takes account of this natural flux. While you may notice small gaps between the planks, installers leave such gaps to allow for natural shifts, preventing buckling, crowning, or cupping.

If you’re especially conscious, you can use a humidifier in winter or a dehumidifier in summer.

Wear and tear

Like any newly laid floor, quality wood flooring is still susceptible to the usual wearing. Expect scratches, dents, and surface abrasions. Of course, that depends on the wood type and level of use. Harder woods will dent less easily. Meanwhile, kids and dogs increase the risk of damage.

Still, given wood flooring’s natural variation, these marks are often hidden.

But, if you want, certain manufacturers finish their boards with strengthening additives. That makes them more durable long term. Or you can re-sand the floor to give it a fresh look.


While hardwood floors are durable, they still require careful maintenance. It would help if you didn’t use any basic cleaner. Rather, use the cleaner specified and recommended by the hardwood manufacturer. That will prevent any discolouration or damage, preventing the need for further refinishing later.


If you want to transform your home with a beautiful quality hardwood floor, look through our wood flooring specialist’s brochure. It details all the types of wood floors we offer. Or send us an email or give us a call on 07496726278,

With our passion and experience for quality wood flooring, we know we can deliver outstanding results.

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Deciding to have a wooden floor installed into your home or business needs to be seen as a long term investment which means that longevity and durability are at the forefront of your mind when you choose us as your Wood Floor Specialists.

The durability and longevity of hardwood flooring is something that WFS pride ourselves on, which is why we use such high-quality products on all of our projects. We are confident in meeting our clients’ specifications and confident that our wood floorings will last.

Day to day wear and tear.

We know that your home is there to be lived in. You will inevitably get the day to day marks, the pitter-patter of tiny feet or paws, and social gathering reminders that mean your wood floor cannot be just for show. Therefore, it needs to be practical, stylish, and, most importantly, durable.

One of the most popular types of flooring that we install here at WFS is an engineered hardwood flooring that can have a lifespan anywhere between 40 and 80 years if kept in good condition. This is one of the only types of wood flooring that has this longevity length and therefore is a sensible choice when looking for flooring that will last.

Adding character to your floor.

It is important to note that although an engineered hardwood floor is long-lasting, it is still liable to dents, scratches and marks from everyday use. We like to think of these marks as adding character to your flooring, but some people may want their floors to stay immaculate, which is not feasible when you’re living with flooring of this nature. However, despite being susceptible to marks, dents and scratches, the wood floorings that we install can be restored and refinished to keep them looking as new as possible, this will increase their longevity.

Good quality hardwood floor.

Durable flooring is important because a floor goes through a lifecycle of being used and being susceptible to other internal factors such as moisture. The benefits of a hardwood floor are the combination of oils and finishes that can be used to make it suitable for many rooms in the house. Some rooms can get damp or humid due to various factors, and by ensuring that a hardwood floor is sealed correctly, the flooring should be able to withstand varying levels of humidity and dampness within the home.

A quality wood floor is not a cheap installation, and here at Wood Floor Specialist, we want to make sure that each customer gets a wood flooring that they are happy with and that will last a long time. By ensuring that a wood floor is installed correctly and finished with the right products with clear guidance on the best way to maintain it, we are confident that the wood flooring you choose to buy from us will last you many years.

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Keeping your wood floor clean.

Suppose you’ve spent the money to get a pristine hardwood floor as a staple feature for your home. In that case, you will inevitably want to keep it clean and here at Wood Floor Specialist maintaining our wood flooring installations is one of our priorities.

One of the most popular reasons for installing a hardwood floor is that they are easy to keep clean. Being able to mop up any spills rather than have the carpet cleaned is a real benefit of getting this type of flooring installed. However, it is essential to make sure that you are using the right products not to ruin the top layer of the flooring. Using the right products is particularly important if your hardwood flooring has been finished using one of our recommended oils and lacquers.

Our top 3 tips:

– Clean all spills up as quick as possible. Preferably using a mop to ensure the entirety of the spillage is absorbed and not spread around.

– Clean your wood flooring regularly. Once a week, the minimum is advised to keep your floors looking fresh and ensuring that no spillages become hard to remove stains.

– Use products that are suitable for your flooring. Most products suitable for wooden floors are diluting mixtures that need to be mixed with a certain amount of water not to overpower or ruin the flooring. It is crucial to choose a suitable product and read the instructions carefully.

Sweeping your wood floor to remove debris is a great way to help prevent your wood floor from getting scratched. Debris is easy to move around, and not clearing it away is a prime example of how wooden floors can deteriorate. It is important to sweep up any debris before mopping.

As mentioned above, it is recommended to use an excellent mop to clean your wooden flooring; this should be done at least once a week. When mopping, ensure that the mop is damp and not soaking wet; it is important to wring your mop out as much as possible.

What not to do:

It would be best if you did not hoover your wooden floor unless you have a lightweight hoover to prevent scratching it.

We have always said that having a wooden floor installed is a good investment due to their durability and how easy they are to be refreshed, but being durable does not always equate to being hardwearing. It can be just as easy to damage this type as flooring, so it’s essential to stay away from harsh chemicals, cleaning products that contain ammonia and machinery such as steam cleaners.

Using a steam cleaner is best for tiled flooring in bathrooms and kitchens; using one on your wooden floor could cause the wood to collect moisture and therefore cause a significant level of damage that would be hard to repair.

We offer a high-quality standard of flooring here at Wood Floor Specialist, and we pride ourselves on creating floorings that are precise to the tastes of our consumers. We offer restoration services where we can restore your hardwood floors to their former glory. Keeping your flooring well cleaned and maintained will prevent the need for restoration to happen on multiple occasions.

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Wood flooring installation.

If you have been scouring websites and social media for some wood flooring installation work but are worried about the process of installation, then look no further than the services we offer here at Wood Floor Specialist. We pride ourselves on our bespoke joinery skills and standard floor laying to ensure customers have made the right decision.

Deciding to install a new wooden floor can be difficult as maintaining and caring for a wooden floor can be an effort, especially if you want it to look slightly vintage. We cater to all your wood flooring needs and create your wood flooring here in the UK, based entirely on your taste. We have created a process that allows you to choose how you would like your wood flooring to appear once it is installed.

The WFS process.

We have created a simple process that allows you to customise your wood floor installation. To be consumer-friendly, we have broken this process down into four main steps.

  1. Design: choose your flooring design/texture/material from our listings.
  2. Dimensions: choose the dimensions of the wood to create the pattern or typeof flooring that you desire.
  3. Grade: choose the type of grading you would like to determine the woodflooring finish at any boundaries, such as skirting boards.
  4. Finishes – choose the texture and treatment style you would like for yourflooring.

Wood flooring does not all look the same, and many different textures and patterns are available to create the look you desire. We have a lab that we use for all your colour matching needs. It would help if you took your time to look through all the colouring, textures, and treatments we offer. Ask us any questions and help us with your dream flooring in action!

Why choose us for your installation.

When choosing to have a wood floor installed, we understand that it could be a daunting process as removing the previous flooring for new could cause disruptions to your home. We pride ourselves on having a well trained and experienced team that can install your wood flooring, not only in a professional manner but at a reasonable cost.

The team is well equipped to lay your new wood flooring quickly and efficiently not to cause too much disruption, whilst checking with you that the process is smooth and professional at all times.

To ensure longevity as well as maximum protection for your new wood flooring, we add your choice of oil, lacquer, stains or varnish by hand. You also have the option to leave the wood unfinished for a more natural look.

How you want your wood flooring to look is entirely up to you, and we work professionally to ensure that you are happy with the result.

Please take a look at our previous blog “Wood Flooring Styles” or download our wood-flooring-specialists-brochure for more details on the types of floor we offer.

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Wood flooring can be the staple piece in any home. Modern or old, it can make a room look refreshed and timeless if done well. Thankfully, we can do it well with these wood flooring styles. 

Choosing the right wooden floor for your home is essential, and here we offer wood floor services to either improve your existing wood floors or fit you a new wooden floor. We offer 4 types of wooden flooring.

Why we offer more than 1 type of wood flooring?

Of course, the obvious answer is that nobody wants the same type of flooring and so we wanted to allow customers to choose what they feel suits their home best.

The other reason is that we are luxury flooring specialists, so we can advise what we think would last better and highlight the individual qualities of each style, allowing our customers to make a more informed decision.

The 4 styles we currently offer are:

  • Parquet wood flooring
  • Chevron wood flooring
  • Plank wood flooring
  • Cube wood flooring

Parquet Wood Flooring

Parquet wood flooring is a popular yet traditional flooring type that adds contemporary style to your home. Parquet flooring is relatively hardy, making it a good choice for hallways and areas of your home that experiences a lot of footfall. In addition, the hardy nature means that it would last longer than other types of wood flooring, where the usual wear and tear would happen sooner.

Chevron Wood Flooring

Chevron wood flooring is the style of wood flooring that is most known for being patterned and is often presented in a zig-zag pattern where the blocks meet at the corners. Chevron is a varied option from a standard parquet wooden floor, but you can combine the two to add some extra elegance to your home. One of the main benefits of having Chevron style flooring installed is that the pattern is aesthetically pleasing and stands out in your home.

Plank Wood Flooring

Plank wood flooring is often produced from more solid wood and easier to lay in larger sections. Because of this, plank flooring is one of the most popular styles of wooden flooring. Suitable plank flooring is made from traditional timber beams and is often known simply as ‘hardwood flooring’.

Cube Wood Flooring

Cube wood flooring is another type of wooden floor style that we can install. It is slightly more complex looking as it creates a modern-looking pattern adding a touch of creativity and uniqueness to your home. Cube flooring can be created using various Parquet or Chevron flooring lengths, which can be shaped to encompass the patterns into a cube shape.

Why choose us for your new flooring?

By using our services to install any of the above flooring styles or combining more than one style, you are choosing high-end luxury flooring installed by professional joiners. The flooring comes from a reputable supplier, enabling customers to determine precisely how they want their wood flooring to be ‘finished’. In addition, there are a wide variety of stains, oils, lacquers and varnishes on offer to ensure that the flooring style you choose is how you envisioned it for your home.

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