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How to dress your wood floor this Spring

How to dress your wood floor this Spring

Date: 20th January 2022 | By: Mike Reiffer

How to dress your wood floor this Spring.

Springtime – as the days lengthen and the trees grow back their leaves, there’s no better time for a little bedroom renovation. Whether you’re dealing with a small back bedroom or grand master suite, bedroom renovation doesn’t need to cost the earth.

With a few simple changes, you can dress your wood floor for a beautiful warm bedroom this spring. Here’s how.

Scrub your floor clean

In the dim light of winter, it’s hard to notice tired, lacklustre wooden flooring. But, as the spring light shines in, thoroughly cleaning the floor can be surprisingly effective. It’s the time for spring cleaning, after all.

Removing all the furniture and scrubbing the floor with warm water (and a recommended cleaning product) will bring it back to life. If you want to go the extra mile, finish with a little lacquer or wax. Or, buff and polish it for a slick and professional result. It’s the best trick for a cheap bedroom renovation.

Go bold with an accent wall/furniture

Spring is a time of green, yellows, and pinks – warm, comforting colours. Paint an accent wall – ideally, behind your bed – in one of these warm, cheerful colours to bring your room to life.

Remember, the colour you pick should complement your wood floor. But colours like ochre, mint green, and pale yellow can all inject a little springtime bliss into your bedroom.

Once you’ve established the colour theme, continue the accent in furniture, textiles, or ornaments. Just be careful not to overdo it. A little colour goes a long way.

Walk on the wild side

Wood floors evoke the natural world. They’re a beautiful, unique, organic material. Continue this natural theme with a few carefully chosen plants to refresh the space. As nature reawakens outside your window, invite it indoors.

A large statement plant – like an Areca Palm or Cast-Iron Plant – can beautifully contrast your wooden flooring. At the same time, smaller pot plants such as ferns and hanging ivies will liven up a desk or dresser.

Get your bedroom spring-ready with fresh blooms and greenery!

Time for new textiles

No bedroom renovation is complete without new bedding. Indeed, from fun, floral-patterned bedding to block greens and yellows, bedding can capture the essence of spring and transform a

room. When coordinated with your wooden flooring, it may lift and banish the winter gloom, heralding the new season.

But you don’t need to stop at bedding... rugs, blankets, cushions, and curtains are all budget- friendly ways to dress your bedroom’s wooden floor for spring. You hardly need to change anything else.

Voila! With a few flourishes of colour or a vibrant spring pattern, your old wooden flooring or furniture can be unrecognisable in an instant.

It’s a simple but effective way to welcome new life in the season.
So, are you ready for spring? What bedroom renovations are you planning to liven up your room?

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