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What to Expect When Investing in a Good Quality Hardwood Floor

What to Expect When Investing in a Good Quality Hardwood Floor

Date: 27th October 2021 | By: Mike Reiffer

There's nothing like a good quality hardwood floor to reinvigorate a room. You can buy the finest furniture; invest in the most beautiful ornaments, but without a solid wood floor, it's incomplete.

Quality wood flooring is the canvas upon which to build your room.

That's why it's critical to see a hard wooden floor as an investment. One that lasts for decades to come.

But what can you expect when you invest in quality wood flooring?

Variation in the grain

Hardwood floors are rightfully seen as the finest available. Why? Because each board is unique. No pattern repeats; no texture is symmetrical. There's nothing like it anywhere in the world.

That may sound jarring. But, with its natural beauty, the variation in grain pattern, colour shifts, and mineral streaks add a warm and lifting quality to any room.

Colour changes

Exposure to light will gradually lighten or darken your hardwood floor over time. That all depends on the species, however. Oak and Maple shift colour slowly, year by year; while Brazilian cherry quickly darkens.

There's a beauty to the colour change, reflective of the natural seasons. Just be careful not to leave a rug in one place too long, or you'll find a pale patch amongst a sea of darkened boards.

Expansion and contraction

Wood was once a living material. Based on the humidity of your home, it will therefore absorb or emit moisture. That changes its shape; meaning boards will routinely expand and shrink.

Don't worry, though.

Installation takes account of this natural flux. While you may notice small gaps between the planks, installers leave such gaps to allow for natural shifts, preventing buckling, crowning, or cupping.

If you're especially conscious, you can use a humidifier in winter or a dehumidifier in summer.

Wear and tear

Like any newly laid floor, quality wood flooring is still susceptible to the usual wearing. Expect scratches, dents, and surface abrasions. Of course, that depends on the wood type and level of use. Harder woods will dent less easily. Meanwhile, kids and dogs increase the risk of damage.

Still, given wood flooring's natural variation, these marks are often hidden.

But, if you want, certain manufacturers finish their boards with strengthening additives. That makes them more durable long term. Or you can re-sand the floor to give it a fresh look.


While hardwood floors are durable, they still require careful maintenance. It would help if you didn't use any basic cleaner. Rather, use the cleaner specified and recommended by the hardwood manufacturer. That will prevent any discolouration or damage, preventing the need for further refinishing later.


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