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Wood Flooring Installation | Your wood floor.

Wood Flooring Installation | Your wood floor.

Date: 26th July 2021 | By: Mike Reiffer

Wood flooring installation.

If you have been scouring websites and social media for some wood flooring installation work but are worried about the process of installation, then look no further than the services we offer here at Wood Floor Specialist. We pride ourselves on our bespoke joinery skills and standard floor laying to ensure customers have made the right decision.

Deciding to install a new wooden floor can be difficult as maintaining and caring for a wooden floor can be an effort, especially if you want it to look slightly vintage. We cater to all your wood flooring needs and create your wood flooring here in the UK, based entirely on your taste. We have created a process that allows you to choose how you would like your wood flooring to appear once it is installed.

The WFS process.

We have created a simple process that allows you to customise your wood floor installation. To be consumer-friendly, we have broken this process down into four main steps.

  1. Design: choose your flooring design/texture/material from our listings.
  2. Dimensions: choose the dimensions of the wood to create the pattern or typeof flooring that you desire.
  3. Grade: choose the type of grading you would like to determine the woodflooring finish at any boundaries, such as skirting boards.
  4. Finishes – choose the texture and treatment style you would like for yourflooring.

Wood flooring does not all look the same, and many different textures and patterns are available to create the look you desire. We have a lab that we use for all your colour matching needs. It would help if you took your time to look through all the colouring, textures, and treatments we offer. Ask us any questions and help us with your dream flooring in action!

Why choose us for your installation.

When choosing to have a wood floor installed, we understand that it could be a daunting process as removing the previous flooring for new could cause disruptions to your home. We pride ourselves on having a well trained and experienced team that can install your wood flooring, not only in a professional manner but at a reasonable cost.

The team is well equipped to lay your new wood flooring quickly and efficiently not to cause too much disruption, whilst checking with you that the process is smooth and professional at all times.

To ensure longevity as well as maximum protection for your new wood flooring, we add your choice of oil, lacquer, stains or varnish by hand. You also have the option to leave the wood unfinished for a more natural look.

How you want your wood flooring to look is entirely up to you, and we work professionally to ensure that you are happy with the result.

Please take a look at our previous blog "Wood Flooring Styles" or download our wood-flooring-specialists-brochure for more details on the types of floor we offer.

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