We provide wood flooring restoration and sanding work throughout the South Wales area including Cardiff, Newport and Swansea.

We can put life back into any wood flooring that is need of some care and attention. Our sanding & polishing services will transform your run down wood into something fresh and exciting to give your room the upgrade it deserves. Whether you are after a fresh polish or a sanding back to reveal the wonderful aged grain, we can tailor any job to meet your needs. We refurbish flooring from small scratches or imperfection to large dents that need removing. We use all the latest techniques and products on our floors, working closely with manufacturers of oils and varnishes. All of our team work efficiently and to the highest standard to ensure there are no compromises in achieving your perfect goal and getting the most from our competitive prices.

One of the key aesthetic benefits from sanding back wooden floor is the fresh and smoother appearance it reveals. The process involves, carefully removing the top layer, without damaging the fresh layer underneath; we use a range of techniques to the grain beneath is preserved to create the best finish. One of the key positives that comes with sanding back wood is is reveals the fresh grain, which is more absorbent to varnish and oils, thus sustaining great results for years to come!

“Great service, with a friendly team of installers doing the job. Very efficient in getting a great result in a such a short time!” – David, Caerphilly

“I had a full restoration, which included sanding and re-varnishing my floor and i couldn’t be happier. We would highly recommend to anyone thinking about it, as it completely transforms the room.” – Stuart, Newport

“Well worth the money, it was so much more work than I first expected, so I’m glad I didn’t attempt it myself.” – Kevin, Cardiff.

Why Should I Sand My Wood?
  • Improves grains absorption to varnish and oils


  • Increases the floor’s residence to movement
  • Creates a levelled surface, which prevents dirt & dust build up


  • Keeps the wood grain in good condition for a long period of time.